Misfits – a 5e FusterCluck

Misfits – a 5e FusterCluck If you’ve never played Weave “Goblins R Jerks,” this is going to sound utterly insane, but . . . You aren’t the heroes the world wanted. You aren’t even the heroes the world needed. You […]

TTRPG Campaign Rules

TTRPG Campaign Rules Welcome. The following are my (Q) home rules for use in my 5e campaigns. Some are campaign specific and will be noted as such. In general, everything can be run from character sheets in DNDBeyond. It is […]

Starry Cradle to the Grave

Starry Cradle to the Grave Sub-Title: Orphans vs Urchins Welcome to what we hope will be an entertaining Adventurer’s League style collection of one-shots. Players will create a character and then prepare for adventure, but there are some restrictions with […]