Jafan, The Swamp King


Jafan is well known amongst the Feyfolk and they try avoid trying to make deals with him, and only do so if absolutely desperate. He is cunning and treacherous even to other Fey, He will use misdirection and trickery to get the “better deal” against enemies and friends. he has a pleasant temper but is thoroughly evil. He takes special pleasure in subverting and corrupting the good-hearted. In the swamp areas of the Fey Jafan makes his home and can traverse the Fey waters as if they were portals.

Jafan is easily recognizable as it is not often you see a giant toad-like creature, with smooth skin, in a trenchcoat and hat. He carries a cane and usually has a ring or two on his fingers.

Snippet of the PDF Stats:

Here is a sample voice of how I feel Jafan sounds. Think smooth, deliberate friendly bayou with an undertone.